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Tuesday, 19 March 1985
Page: 400

Senator HARRADINE(3.57) —I have no wish to be in any way carping in my criticism or complimentary in my comments. I simply wish to say that I notified people that I would like to ensure that this is not a never-ending story. We are establishing a joint parliamentary select committee and the nature of a select committee is to get on with the job and report as soon as possible. I have regard to what Senator Gareth Evans says. I circulated a proposed amendment that the Committee should report on or before the first day in August 1985 on which both Houses of Parliament meet. I am conscious of what Senator Evans said and I assume that what he meant by his comments was that the report should be finalised as quickly as possible, but that he has not seen the person who is likely to be the chairman of the Committee and so on. In those circumstances, although I believe that I have support for my amendment, I feel that it is probably not proper at this stage to push it, given the guarantee that there is an intention of expedition on the part of the Government.