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Tuesday, 19 March 1985
Page: 380

Senator HARRADINE —Has the Leader of the Government in the Senate seen media reports based on a document entitled 'Youth Employment Patterns, research report No. 5', of the Bureau of Labour Market Research? Has the Minister's attention been drawn to the fact that more than 50,000 teenage jobs were lost over a period of 10 years in the Public Service and that there was a fall in the teenage job share in the Australian Public Service job market from 21.5 per cent in 1966 to only 6.6 per cent in 1982? What affirmative action is being taken by the Government to redress this disturbing and disgraceful situation which has been allowed to develop over the past 10 years and is still continuing?

Senator BUTTON —My attention has been drawn to Press reports of the Bureau of Labour Market Research document to which Senator Harradine refers. I must say that, when I read the Press reports, I thought in a relatively kindly way of Senator Harradine. I cannot be more charitable than that in this chamber. The Government is quite aware of the points which were raised in that report and the matter is now receiving urgent study. If the honourable senator directs a question in a few weeks time we might be able to provide a more comprehensive and detailed answer.