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Thursday, 28 February 1985
Page: 372

Senator GEORGES(6.40) —From time to time we have to give consideration to someone of worth. This is one of those occasions. It is with great pleasure that I take the opportunity which the Senate has presented to express my thanks to Frank Stewart for a variety of things. He has made life pleasant for me for a number of years at a time when life has tended to be rather unpleasant. I have found a haven in the Transport Office, talking to Frank Stewart, explaining to him the various shortcomings that I find from time to time in the system, and listening to some of the jokes. Some of the jokes do not really bear repeating. But sometimes it becomes so exciting in the Transport Office that it has been said that no one can afford to miss an episode. It is like Blue Hills; if one is not present, one has missed an episode.

That all seems to indicate that Frank is a person of particular characteristics that have led to his having much support from all parts of the chamber and from those who are associated with members of the chamber. He has been of particular assistance to me. From listening to what has been said, I know that I have not been alone in that regard. He has been of particular assistance to my family in times of need. From time to time some of us fall ill and find it necessary to have extra support. Frank has always provided that, to the point of visiting people in hospital. I have had that worthwhile experience. I thank Frank for being there. He would come through the door laughing at me when I was not in a position to respond suitably. Nevertheless, I know why he was there and I appreciate the fact that he paid me a visit. I thank him also for the assistance and understanding he has given to my family.

We look with some trepidation, if I might say so, to what is to follow. I notice that Steve is sitting beside Frank. I am certain that, given time, he will reach Frank's high standard of understanding, co-operation, good sense and good humour. Those are all of the things that can be said about Frank with ease, and I say them now. I thank you, Mr Acting Deputy President, for the opportunity on this occasion to convey to Frank in a formal way words of appreciation for all that he has done.