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Thursday, 28 February 1985
Page: 372

Senator HARRADINE(6.37) -I feel a bit embarrassed on occasions such as the retirement from the Senate of Frank Stewart when nobody can speak on my behalf except myself-and then most inadequately. It puts me in mind of the fact that when I first came to this place I was frequently asked: 'Senator, what time do you want to go back to Tasmania?' I used to hum and haw and say one thing then ring up on Thursday and say another thing. Inevitably the bookings had to be changed. So the general standing order of recent years has been that I arrive here on the last possible occasion and get out on the first possible occasion. I notice that every time now Frank has a ticket on my desk when I arrive which says when I am going home. For that I am very grateful because it focuses the mind. Indeed, I do not have to make up my own mind. I appreciate the work that Frank has done for us. He comes from a good place and some good horses come from that place too. I am sure that he will know what I mean when I wish him a very happy and a very successful retirement.