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Thursday, 28 February 1985
Page: 371

Senator MACKLIN(6.35) —I speak on behalf of all my colleagues, who have asked me to convey publicly their thanks for the type of service that Frank Stewart has given to the Senate and to each senator personally. I think it is interesting and illustrative of the man that each of us here-certainly each of my colleagues-felt we had a personal relationship and friendship with Frank. Frank is a pretty tough man, nevertheless a person who is extremely friendly. In a very quick time one gets to know him on a personal level. The types of services he has done for each and every one of us will be well remembered. I remember that when I first came here I was instructed by a number of people that there were certain people in the place I must get to know, and get to know rapidly. The name that kept coming up was Frank Stewart. I must admit that for the first week and a half I suffered under the illusion that in fact he was the head of the Department of the Senate.

Senator Boswell —He is de facto head.

Senator MACKLIN —Yes, that seems to be very much the case. He is a person absolutely vital to the smooth operation of this place. I believe that is something which every honourable senator feels is so. I remember when I first arrived hearing in this chamber, and even in the other place, the eulogies about retiring transport officers and wondering why they were being eulogised to such an extent. I now know by experience how vital their job is to ours. I thank Frank Stewart on behalf of myself as Whip and on behalf of all my colleagues for his generosity and his enormous contribution beyond the call of duty to the work we are doing. I hope he enjoys his retirement and does not take a busman's holiday and start driving around the place.