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Thursday, 28 February 1985
Page: 299

Senator BOSWELL(10.14) —I wish to speak to the amendments moved by the Australian Democrats. The Queensland Government has done everything in its power--

Senator Robert Ray —But give any money.

Senator BOSWELL —The Queensland Government has given twice as much money as has the Federal Government. It has given $31m as against $16m, twice as much, and to move such an amendment represents the greatest hypocrisy the Democrats can perpetrate.

As in the disarmament debate, where the Democrats see their disarmament constituency disappearing, they are now trying to prop up their rural constituency. I can tell them that after the Animal Welfare Committee they proposed they will not get a vote in the bush, either in Queensland or anywhere else.

Senator Chipp —Don't you love animals?

Senator BOSWELL —Of course I love animals. I have dogs and cats and everything. To put this amendment at the end of the debate is the greatest act of hypocrisy that this Senate has ever seen.