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Wednesday, 27 February 1985
Page: 270

Senator GRIMES (Manager of Government Business)(5.03) —The Government expected such a suspension of Standing Orders. I point out that what happened this afternoon is a repetition of what happened on the matter of public importance last week, when the Opposition decided at that stage, without notification to anyone on this side, to add someone to the list to get the final word. If we cannot do anything else on this side, we can count, so we will not be dividing on the matter of suspension of Standing Orders. The fact that the Opposition has gone to the extent of moving to suspend Standing Orders in order to get a vote on an urgency motion, and the fact that Senator Chipp and his colleagues are supporting it, demonstrate what Senator Tate and others on this side have said before: This motion of urgency is a stunt and will be recognised as a stunt. I suppose it is not the last stunt we shall have in this place. I daresay Senator Chaney or someone will now rise to his feet and beat his breast and impress on us how important they think the motion is. We recognise it as a stunt, as I believe will most people in the community.

Senator Chipp —What you did to my Bill yesterday was not a stunt, is that right?

Senator GRIMES —If Senator Chipp wishes to interject in that way, perhaps we should have a few more debates in this place when people do not speak in the measured, thoughtful tones of Senator Georges, but in which we all speak in the abusive, provocative terms used by Senator Chipp and in doing so demonstrate from the Hansard of last year's policy speech the hypocrisy of the sort of nonsense Senator Chipp goes on with in this place. We shall not oppose the suspension of Standing Orders, because it is futile to do so, but the fact that this motion has been moved demonstrates that this whole urgency motion is in fact a stunt.