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Monday, 25 February 1985
Page: 115

Senator SHORT —by leave-It has been brought to my attention that on Friday, 22 February, in the other place the Leader of the Opposition, Mr Peacock, referred to a letter which was sent to the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Mr Lange, on the matter of New Zealand's actions in respect of the ANZUS alliance. Mr Peacock's reference to the letter was widely reported in the national Press over the past weekend. Mr Peacock claimed that the letter had been sent to Lange by Shorty and that Lange was a good friend of Shorty. Mr Deputy President, having been blessed with the surname Short, I have since my childhood been known affectionately to most of my friends and others as Shorty. The implication that I was the author of the letter to the Prime Minister of New Zealand has caused me considerable embarrassment. I wish to have it clearly recorded that I am not the Shorty referred to by Mr Peacock, that I certainly am not a good friend of Mr Lange and that I would never back down to the left wing of the Australian Labor Party in the way that the real author of the letter, Prime Minister Hawke, has so blatantly done.