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Friday, 22 February 1985
Page: 100

Senator REID(4.23) —Briefly I want to refer to a comment made a few minutes ago when Senator Lewis spoke about the Canberra Development Board. He referred to one company by name-the Wang Computer company-as having been brought to Canberra by the Canberra Development Board. I did not precisely hear what Senator Grimes said at the time but the fact is that a number of the companies brought to Canberra by the Canberra Development Board have received no subsidy or financial enticement to do so but have come here as a result of discussions with the Board. Other companies have received subsidies and benefits of some kind to attract them to the Canberra area. The matter perhaps needs to be pursued further but it is my understanding that the Wang Computer company, having entered into discussions with the Board, initially on the basis of becoming part of the incentive scheme, in fact came to Canberra without any financial assistance whatever and is expanding its operations here. There are other companies in a similar position but I think it important that there be no confusion as to who has received subsidies and who has not, especially if the matter is to go before Cabinet, because I would not want any Minister in the Cabinet to have any pre-conceived prejudices.