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Wednesday, 24 October 1984
Page: 2306

Debate resumed from 13 September, on motion by Senator Gareth Evans:

That the Bill be now read a second time.

Senator Peter Rae-I seek leave to move an amendment which was foreshadowed yesterday and circulated in my name.

Senator Grimes-In order to test the view of the Senate, I would be happy to give leave but in light of the motion of the Senate, that leave would have to be conditional on the matter not being debated.

Senator Peter Rae-The condition is accepted.

Senator Harradine-As far as I am concerned, the condition is not accepted and I wish to make a statement relating to the matter. I indicated clearly to the mover of the amendment that I was concerned with certain features of it.

The PRESIDENT —Order! Is leave granted for Senator Harradine to make a statement ?

Senator Grimes-We have no idea what the statement is or how long it will be. I think it is an unreasonable request.

Leave not granted.

Senator Jack Evans-If the Senate has accepted that Senator Rae's amendment be put-

The PRESIDENT —There is no objection.

Senator JACK EVANS —I seek leave to move an amendment to Senator Rae's amendment .

The PRESIDENT —Is leave granted?

Senator Grimes-We have a motion before the Senate to deal with these Bills now. Again, leave will be granted if the amendment is not debated.

The PRESIDENT —I rule that, because a limitation has been imposed by the Senate on the debate, Senator Peter Rae and Senator Jack Evans will be given leave of the Senate only for the purpose of moving their amendments.