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Tuesday, 23 October 1984
Page: 2265

Senator HAINES(10.27) — This morning during Question Time Senator Ryan made much of a cartoon which had appeared in one of this morning's newspapers apparently ridiculing the Opposition's taxation policies. She argued that this indicated that the only beneficiaries of the Liberal Party's taxation policy were going to be upper and middle income earners. I suggest that what she overlooked was that the Australian Labor Party Government has very little to be proud of in regard to families in the 18 months in which it has been in government. In particular, this Budget has done very little to assist the new poor in Australia; that is, low to low-middle income earners who have dependent children. This applies whether those families are dual income earners-(Quorum formed) The Labor Government made a perfectly conscious, very deliberate and, I suggest, cynical decision in July this year just prior to the Budget to trade off votes for assistance to families with dependent children. In making that decision it chose to distribute $1 billion of general revenue to people who have jobs by way of across the board tax cuts. Admittedly those were skewed, so the Government said, to people on low incomes. Nevertheless, the decision to distribute that $1 billion in general tax cuts meant that more direct assistance to families with dependent children could not be made in this year's Budget.

Debate interrupted.