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Friday, 19 October 1984
Page: 2085

Senator GEORGES —by leave-I wish to thank the Chairman of the Committee for tabling these documents, both of which will be of interest to honourable senators. I also would like to make a request, through you, Mr Deputy President, for the tabling of any further opinions received on this matter, either by the President or by any other committee of the Senate, for instance the Standing Orders Committee. It is necessary for all honourable senators to be fully aware of the position for instance of privilege which may obtain to the reporting of a committee after the Parliament is dissolved. If there are any other opinions they also should be tabled.

The DEPUTY PRESIDENT —There are I know two other opinions by Mr Ellicott, as he then was, and by Professor Howard. They are available in the Parliamentary Library. I will check with the President and see whether there are any other similar documents, and see what can be done.

Senator GEORGES —In response to that, there was an opinion by Professor Geoffrey Sawer. If that opinion has been made available, it might not be on this particular matter but there may be an opinion from him to the Standing Orders Committee and that also, if it is available, should be tabled.

The DEPUTY PRESIDENT —I will bring that request to the attention of the President.