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Friday, 19 October 1984
Page: 2044

Senator GRIMES (Minister for Social Security)(9.46) —The reasons for the advertising provisions were outlined in the second reading speech. I point out to Senator Macklin that this section and other sections of the legislation are the result of agreements between all the States and the Commonwealth in an effort to get legislation which will be effective and protect all interests. The Government may not have been able to go as far as it would have liked. But we have an efficient piece of legislation. We believe that the decision to advertise in the Commonwealth of Australia Gazette is a sound one. Although, as Senator Macklin quite rightly says, it is not the sort of publication which is on everybody's coffee table throughout the country, it is read by people who have an interest in the subject.

Senator Macklin —Why did you do it in 17 (2)?

Senator GRIMES —I am just coming to that. It was felt by the States and the Commonwealth in negotiation that the obligation to advertise every one of the possible agent organisms as widely as Senator Macklin would like was impractical and inefficient and would achieve very little. I think that is a matter of judgment, but that is the decision which the Australian Agricultural Council came to. That is why that provision is in this legislation and that is why the Government persists with it.