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Friday, 19 October 1984
Page: 2042

Senator MACKLIN(9.35) —I move:

2. Page 5, after paragraph 9 (c) insert the following new paragraph:

' (d) provides for an inquiry procedure similar in form to that contained in Part VII of this Act'.

This amendment relates to the public interest clause. We believe that that public interest clause ought to be inserted into the clause dealing with relevant State laws. As clause 9 now stands it states:

Where a law of a State-

(a) provides for the control by biological means of organisms causing harm in the State;

(b) establishes an authority having similar powers and functions to those of the Authority; and

(c) contains provisions by virtue of which the authority so established . . . the Authority may, by notice published in the Gazette, declare that law to be a relevant State law for the purposes of this Act.

We believe that provisions for the involvement of the public ought also to be included in that, so that they are included in the relevant State law. As the clause stands, the public do not have to be involved. It is not important under this law that they be involved in the relevant State law because it has not been set down in the Bill.