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Tuesday, 16 October 1984
Page: 1700

Senator REID —I give notice that, on the next day of sitting, I shall move:

That the Senate-

(a) calls the Treasurer to clarify the Federal Government's position regarding the Commonwealth Superannuation scheme before the 1984 election;

(b) draws to the attention of the Treasurer, Mr Keating, the glaring inconsistencies between New South Wales and the Federal Labor Government's interpretation of the most economic means of paying superannuation to Government employees;

(c) notes the Minister for Resources and Energy, Senator Walsh's endorsement in the Senate on 5 October 1984, of the New South Wales scheme of abolition of periodic payments of superannuation, forcing Public Service pensioners to take the lump sum and pay the 31 per cent levy on that payment;

(d) abhors the fact that the Government could be considering the withdrawal of options from Commonwealth public servants in their choice of superannuation payments, without warning them before the 1984 election;

(e) calls on the Federal Government to recognise that public servants do not enjoy the perquisites of many private enterprise employees, such as company cars , expense accounts, company housing or low interest company loans, payment of children's school fees and the like;

(f) recognises that a compensatory factor in Public Service careers prior to the election of this Government was the expectation of a moderately comfortable retirement;

(g) deplores the erosion of retirement benefits of public servants by the iniquitous impost of its 31 per cent tax on lump sum superannuation payments; and

(h) implores the Federal Government to take no further action which will either erode even further those compulsory savings of public servants or remove their choice of method of payment of superannuation benefits.