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Thursday, 11 October 1984
Page: 1619

Senator MACKLIN(10.25) —I move:

At end of motion, add ', but the provisions in clause 11 (Schedule 2) and clauses 28 and 29 (Schedule 9) of the States Grants (Schools Assistance) Bill 1984, concerning per capita funding levels for government and non-government schools in the years 1986, 1987 and 1988, should be fully reviewed by the Parliament when the 1985 States Grants (Schools Assistance) Legislation is considered, with particular reference to-

(a) the overall cost to the Commonwealth of the per capita allocations, in the light of projected school enrolments;

(b) the needs of schools and their students; and

(c) the desired balance of emphasis, in Commonwealth schools funding, between government and non-government schools'.

As the Senate is aware similar Bills to those we have been dealing with and of which we now have the report come up each year for discussion. However, in these Bills the Government has indicated some range of activities which proceed beyond the financial year we are now discussing. It seems to us that the points they raise and put in train are useful ones to be reviewed also at that time, particularly in relation to movements between the government and non-government school sectors; in light of the needs that may arise in subsequent years, which needs doubtless will be changing; and whether or not the Government at that stage also believes that it wishes to continue with the emphasis it has embarked upon in relation to funding between the government and non-government school sectors. Undoubtedly the funding will be reviewed. Hence, we move this amendment at this point to emphasise that all these matters should be subject to general review although these Bills contain items which proceed beyond this year.