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Tuesday, 9 October 1984
Page: 1478

Senator PETER RAE(5.33) — The Opposition had intended to move certain amendments to this Bill but, with a view to ensuring that it is passed with expedition, I propose to seek leave to incorporate in Hansard the amendments which the Opposition was considering putting forward for debate so that they may be considered by the Government and the matter brought forward again in the next session by whichever party is in government after the next election. In other words, I wish to place the amendments on record but I do not wish to debate them . The reasons for them are self-evident. The Opposition will support the Government's amendments. I think they were previously made available to the Minister for Industry and Commerce (Senator Button). I seek leave to incorporate in Hansard the amendments which would otherwise have been moved by the Opposition and which were sought by a section of the industry.

Leave granted.

The amendments read as follows-

(1) Page 3, clause 3, after proposed sub-section 3 (13), insert the following new sub-section:

' ''(14) A reference in this Act to the economic consequences to the franchisor shall include the consequences to the franchisor of not only the specific issue in question but also the consequences to the franchisor if that issue were to be decided in the same manner if it were to arise in respect of all franchise agreements to which the franchisor is a party.'' '

(2) Page 11, clause 15, after paragraph (b), add the following new paragraph:

'(c) by adding after 'circumstances' in paragraph (6) (b) ''including the economic consequences to both franchisor and franchisee'' '.

(3) Page 14, clause 16, proposed sub-paragraph 17 (7), line 34, after ' circumstances', insert 'including the economic consequences to both franchisor and franchisee'.

(4) Page 15, clause 16, proposed sub-section 17A (9), line 1, after 'may', insert ', after taking into account the economic consequences of both the franchisor and franchisee,'.