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Friday, 5 October 1984
Page: 1334

Senator ARCHER —My question is to the Minister representing the Minister for Immigration and Ethnic Affairs. He probably does not have a brief on this either . Having had representations from a United Kingdom farming family with a strong experience and capability in that area with a view to migrating to Australia and bringing with them investment capital in excess of $A1m, and having had them rejected out of hand, can the Minister advise me what additional qualifications would be necessary for such a family to obtain eligibility to be accepted into Australia?

Senator GRIMES —Mr Deputy President, as Senator Archer expected, I have no brief on an individual case such as this, nor am I likely to. As Senator Archer knows, this Government, like the previous Government, has a points system for immigrants entering this country. That system includes factors such as the amount of capital, skills and so on. I have no knowledge off the top of my head of what happened in this case. I suggest that Senator Archer should do what Senator Walters did yesterday, that is, come to me with specific details of the case and I will find out from the Minister for Immigration and Ethnic Affairs.

Senator Archer —I have been to the Minister.

Senator GRIMES —If Senator Archer has been to the Minister perhaps he could enlighten us about the reasons which the Minister gave for refusing that case and which he did not include in his question. Had he included them I might have been able to give him a more specific answer.