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Thursday, 4 October 1984
Page: 1241

Senator HARRADINE(5.09) —I move:

That the Senate take note of the paper.

In the annual report of the Australian Bureau of Statistics, which I do not have in front of me, there is an indication that the ABS is intending to conduct a number of surveys, to prepare and collate statistics relating to youth, particularly youth unemployment, with a view to having it published later this year or early next year in the International Youth Year. I commend generally the intention of the ABS to concentrate its attention on this area which is of great concern to those of us who are interested in the problems of youth, particularly youth unemployment. Too often we hear in this place, not only from the Opposition but also I heard this given some credence by a Minister, that the cause of youth unemployment is youth wages. At some stage next week, or perhaps the week after-depending on when I can get an opportunity-I intend to talk about this matter and to prove that that is a fallacy. If people run away with the idea that the cause of youth unemployment is in fact youth wages, they are not attacking the real issue. I do not propose, nor would you allow me, Mr Deputy President, to launch into my reasons for making that statement at this time. Now that I have the documents in front of me, I refer to page 6 of the annual report of the Australian Statistics Advisory Council which states:

There is currently in the work program a project to produce a social report on youth. This report (which is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 1984) will bring together statistics on persons aged 15-24 relating to a number of areas of social interest and concern, particularly education and manpower.

I for one will be most interested to study that document when it does come forward. At page 22 the annual report of the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the report which I have moved that the Senate take note of, states that the activities during the year included:

. . . a publication, to be released about the end of 1984 as an ABS contribution to International Youth Year (1985), drawing together statistics on young people in Australia.

I assume that that publication referred to in the annual report is the same publication that was referred to in the report of the Australian Statistics Advisory Council. If that is so I will be very interested to study it. I believe it ought to be studied by all persons interested in the problems of youth.