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Thursday, 4 October 1984
Page: 1209

Senator LAJOVIC —My question is directed to the Minister representing the Minister for Foreign Affairs, or whoever might be responsible for this question. Has the Minister noticed an item on the second page of the August issue of the Austcare Refugee Bulletin entitled 'How to Sponsor your own Guerilla'? It states :

$10 a month for four months would equip one soldier with two uniforms, a pair of shoes, two pairs of socks, a knapsack, a hammock, a plastic sheet and a cotton scarf-

presumably red. It goes on:

A sponsor gets both a letter of thanks and a snapshot of the guerilla with his new gear.

Will the Minister not agree that such articles appearing in this kind of publication make a mockery of Austcare's appeals for funds for genuine refugees suffering in refugee camps? Will the Minister ensure that no public funds are used in the production of such publications?

Senator GARETH EVANS —I am no more clear than Senator Lajovic on whose ministerial responsibility this is. It might conceivably have something to do with me to the extent that it concerns the foreign incursions legislation aimed at dealing with people who engage in activity as mercenaries, but that does not seem to be getting too warm. It may have something to do with the Minister for Foreign Affairs. I will endeavour to get an answer from the appropriate Minister and advise the Senate accordingly.