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Wednesday, 12 September 1984
Page: 899

Senator JONES(3.52) —I have not had time to read the paper but I think the way in which it was written is worth noting. I think congratulations should go to the Minister for Science and Technology (Mr Barry Jones) and to his Department. Honourable senators should also note that a questionnaire in front of the report asks very specifically that members fill it out and say whether, after reading the report, they believe it is written in language which most members should be able to understand and whether they got some understanding of what the Department of Science and Technology is doing.

The report is very clear. I have not had time to read it but I have looked through it. If one looks through the report very quickly one can pick up the particular areas in which the Department is involved: The National Technology Conference, defence, agriculture, mining, manufacturing, fisheries, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, development, economic services, the environment, and so it goes on. It is easy to pick out the facts in areas in which one is interested. A great deal of praise should be given to the Department and to the Minister for producing such a report in such a way.