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Tuesday, 11 September 1984
Page: 774

Senator GILES —Has the attention of the Minister for Social Security been drawn to an advertisement for the Australian Pensioner suggesting that he has given an exclusive interview on the subject 'Is society heading towards a new era of sexual restraint?' What relevance has this subject for the social security portfolio? Are the views expressed by the Minister in the interview those of the Australian Government?

Senator GRIMES —My attention has been drawn to the advertisement for the Australian Pensioner by way of phone calls and mail and by people bailing me up in the corridor. I think the only explanation I can give for that extraordinary advertisement is that the Australian Pensioner has left a dot point off the advertisement. I can assure Senator Giles that the interview I gave, whether or not it was exclusive, refers to the Budget and the assets test and not to whether society is heading towards a new era of sexual restraint. I do not believe that has anything to do with the social security portfolio. I certainly do not have very much knowledge of that subject, and I can only say that from all the evidence I have seen there is no indication at all that society is heading that way.