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Thursday, 6 September 1984
Page: 628

(Question No. 1034)

Senator Macklin asked the Minister for Resources and Energy, upon notice, on 22 August 1984:

(1) Is the Government considering setting up a special compensation scheme following a report from the Kerr Committee with the view of paying adequate compensation to those involved in the British nuclear tests in Australia.

(2) What are the details of this special compensation scheme.

(3) Why has the Government ignored a request from the Australian Nuclear Veterans Association to appoint Professor Kerr to the proposed Royal Commission.

(4) Will the Government reconsider its decision and include Professor Kerr as one of the Commissioners.

Senator Walsh —The answer to the honourable senator's question is as follows:

(1) and (2) The Government intends awaiting the findings of the Royal Commission on British Nuclear Tests in Australia.

(3) In making its recommendations on the appointment of members to the Royal Commission the Government considered a number of eminent persons and sought to identify people with independence from previous advice and reports given to Government on the British nuclear tests. Professor Kerr's report on the review of data on atmospheric fallout will, however, provide an important source of information to the Royal Commission.

(4) It is not intended to appoint any additional commissioners to the inquiry.