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Thursday, 6 September 1984
Page: 625

Senator PETER BAUME(10.25) —In the last few moments of this debate I will be brief. I would not like the Senate Standing Orders Committee when it reconsiders the matter to think that its approach has not found some support around the chamber. I acknowledge the force of the arguments in relation to proposals (c) and (d). I think they are matters which need to be looked at again. As I read the proposed amendment to standing order 406, I see something quite different from my colleagues. I see an attempt to provide that all speeches, except those that are listed here, are not to be read. It is an attempt to give some extra capacity to the Chair to enable it to say that the speech which is being given does not fall within certain classes designated here . I see this as a means by which we can hope to see standing order 406 applied more effectively.

Identifying certain conditions where speeches can be read gives us a capacity to be rather more diligent in trying to observe standing order 406. I recall some of the debates which have taken place here when honourable senators have stood up and said that they want standing order 406 ignored completely. This attempt to go down this road is in fact the first time I have seen a proposal from the Standing Orders Committee to the Senate which will put teeth into the Standing Orders. I support the reference being sent back to the Standing Orders Committee. I hope the Committee can deal with it expeditiously. I like the Committee's approach, and I look forward to seeing the proposed standing order soon.