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Thursday, 6 September 1984
Page: 623

Senator ROBERTSON(10.12) —I would like to speak briefly to this item before I move the suggested recommendation. The Committee has given consideration to the possibility of amending standing order 406 so as to recognise explicitly those occasions of present sanction by practice where an honourable senator may read his speech. The Committee presents a proposed amendment to the Standing Orders to cover such occasions for the Senate's consideration as attachment D to the report. I do not intend to read through it.

Senator Peter Rae —You are speaking extempore?

Senator ROBERTSON —Exactly. I suggest that the Senate accept the proposed amendment as put forward by the Standing Orders Committee. I move:

At the end of standing order 406, add:

' : Provided that this Standing Order shall not apply to a Senator when that Senator is

(a) moving a motion for the second reading of any Bill or speaking to such a motion as first speaker for the Opposition or a minority group;

(b) making a Ministerial statement or a statement on behalf of a Committee;

(c) making a response to a statement referred to in paragraph (b), as first speaker for the Opposition or a minority group; or

(d) speaking as first speaker on any matter of public importance or moving a motion to debate a matter of urgency, pursuant to standing order 64.