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Thursday, 6 September 1984
Page: 585

Senator DURACK —by leave-I do not mind them being referred to always as 'Commissioners' with a capital C and 'Assisting' with a capital A. If that makes the Government happy, I will agree to it. I would like to get the state of mind of the Attorney-General (Senator Gareth Evans) clear as quickly as possible. I have been trying to ascertain what it is for a very long time. I take up Senator Georges's point because I am not quite sure what is worrying him . Paragraph (20) states:

That the Committee-

that is, the new Committee-

the Commissioners, witnesses and counsel appearing before the Committee have access to the records of, transcripts of evidence taken by, and documents submitted to the Select Committee on the Conduct of a Judge-

that is, the other Committee-

and relating to the Committee's inquiry . . .

That is, the transcripts of the Select Committee which relate to the inquiry of the new Select Committee on Allegations Concerning a Judge.

Senator Georges —To spell it out, is Senator Durack saying that all the Committee will be getting is the Briese information and nothing else?

Senator DURACK —Yes, that is right. That is all the Committee could ever look at .