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Tuesday, 4 September 1984
Page: 394

Senator JONES —My question is directed to the Minister representing the Minister for Employment and Industrial Relations. It refers to youth unemployment and to the Budget allocation of $150,000 for the development of employment opportunities outside the conventional work force. Will the Minister provide details of the proposed pilot training programs and of the options already identified through consultative research, as this is a subject of considerable interest to a number of church and youth organisations, particularly those in Queensland.

Senator BUTTON —Senator Jones was kind enough to give me advance notice of this question, which relates to the portfolio of the Minister for Employment and Industrial Relations. It is true that $150,000 has been provided through the Department of Education and Youth Affairs for the purpose of developing training strategies for young people. The funds may be used to promote these training strategies and to strengthen the support networks and agencies to ensure that training provisions have the most favourable outcome. The funds are not available to develop co-operatives or sustainable communities, as such. The Government has provided this $150,000 because training and support have been widely acknowledged as being vital for the success of co-operative ventures. Training is required particularly in co-operative business, administrative entrepreneurial skills and interpersonal corporate decision-making. Two options are available to those concerned. They are: Training in formal institutions, such as technical and further education, and training outside of established institutions. The Office of Youth Affairs has undertaken a number of studies, which have recently been completed or are due for completion soon, relating to these matters. The Office of Youth Affairs will be consulting further with people in the field, the education commissions and State and Territory Government authorities in order to begin developing and then putting into place the necessary training strategies.