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Tuesday, 21 August 1984
Page: 20

Senator BUTTON —(Victoria-Leader of the Government in the Senate)-by leave-I inform honourable senators of the death during the recess of the Hon. Sir Alister Maxwell McMullin, former President of the Senate. I move:

That the Senate expresses its deep regret at the death on 8 August 1984 of the Hon. Sir Alister Maxwell McMullin, K.C.M.G., a former Senator for New South Wales from 1951 to 1971 and President of the Senate from 1953 to 1971, places on record its appreciation of his long and meritorious public service and tenders its profound sympathy to his widow and daughter in their bereavement.

The late Sir Alister McMullin was born in 1900 in New South Wales. He was a very longstanding member of the Liberal Party of Australia, a senator for New South Wales from April 1951 to June 1971 and the longest serving President of the Senate, serving nearly 18 years from September 1953 until June 1971. I did not have the privilege of knowing Sir Alister McMullin, but that period of service in the role of President of the Senate, if I might say so without disrespect to your office, Mr President, suggests a great degree of tenacity and staying power. During his 20 years Sir Alister served on various parliamentary committees and represented the Parliament and the Government at various conferences and delegations. I believe that his contribution to this Parliament was appreciated by all his colleagues at the time. I know that the Senate will join me in conveying to his widow and family sincere sympathy and condolences.