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Thursday, 14 June 1984
Page: 3028

Senator MacGIBBON —Did the Leader of the Government in the Senate see the front page of last Friday's Sydney Morning Herald where a Dr Charlesworth, a member of the Hawke socialist Government, boasted that he was running a medical practice in Parliament House to pay for his expenses at the forthcoming premature election? Is Dr Charlesworth's office at Parliament House a duly licensed premise under the relevant Australian Capital Territory health ordinance? Was Dr Charlesworth in breach of any parliamentary code of ethics in passing legislation to introduce Medicare and then financially benefiting from the public purse? Was Dr Charlesworth in breach of any medical code of ethics in advertising his practice in Parliament House in that way? Is Dr Charlesworth's immaturity, as shown by his actions and his utterances on this matter, of such a degree as to debar him from membership of the House of Representatives?

The PRESIDENT —Before I call upon Senator Button to answer the question I point out that the administration of the affairs of the House of Representatives is in the hands of the Speaker.

Senator BUTTON —I saw the article in the Sydney Morning Herald. I do not intend to pass any judgments on Dr Charlesworth. The wisdom or otherwise of the course of action he follows is a matter for judgment of individual members of the Parliament. If it is felt appropriate the matter should be raised in the House of Representatives and not here.