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Thursday, 14 June 1984
Page: 2991

Senator JACK EVANS(10.37) —I will be brief in response to that accusation. The Australian Democrats are not only interested in preserving the rights of the individual, but they are also interested in preserving the rights of the community at large. If people are not to be equipped to do a job properly then there is no point in legislating for that job to be done. Senator Rae claimed that one or two things slipped under his guard over the last year or so. I made it clear that three Acts of Parliament slipped under his guard in the last two years of his Government. I do not think that was an oversight. I do not think he can suggest that on all three occasions he was otherwise occupied. Let it also be quite clearly understood that the Democrats are being utterly consistent in our stance on this. We have supported whichever party was in government in giving it the tools that are needed to ensure that the bounty provisions are properly complied with. We have given those tools to the Liberal Party, of which Senator Rae is a member, and we are now giving them to the Australian Labor Party, which is in government at the moment. I believe that if a division is called we will be the only ones who will be seen to be totally consistent on this issue over the years.