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Thursday, 14 June 1984
Page: 2990

Senator JACK EVANS(10.33) —When I received notice of these amendments I thought: 'What a desirable thing to have in a Bill'. Then I pursued some investigations of my own and discovered that these novel amendments are suggested only when one is in opposition. I find that the provisions of the Bounty (Two-Stroke Engines) Bill, which is before us, in regard to the amendments are identical with the provisions of the Bounty (Printed Fabrics) Act 1981, the Bounty (Non-adjustable Wrenches) Act 1981 and the Bounty (Berry Fruits ) Act 1982, which were all introduced by the previous Government.

Senator Peter Rae —If you go back to 1968, 1969 and 1970 you will find that I moved amendments such as these and spoke in relation to them many times.

Senator JACK EVANS —That may be so, but that is not what has happened. The legislation before the Parliament now and which had been endemic in this Parliament, gives officers the right to inspect premises and not to provide a warning so that records can be destroyed before those inspections take place. We are either dinkum about this kind of legislation or not. I do not think the Opposition is dinkum in the amendments that are being moved.

I think it is a gesture by the Opposition-I do not accuse Senator Rae; I accuse the Opposition-because they are typical amendments which are moved by whoever happens to be in opposition. The Australian Democrats are not going to put up with that sort of hypocrisy-that those sorts of amendments are put only when one is in opposition but when one is in government Bills are put through in exactly the way the Government has put the Bill down in this instance. We will not be supporting the amendments. We will be supporting the Bill as it stands because we believe that it is desirable legislation.