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Wednesday, 13 June 1984
Page: 2976

Senator HARRADINE(10.32) —The Attorney-General (Senator Gareth Evans) did not finally respond to the question of the recognised political parties. It is important for the Committee to note that there is no definition in this legislation. It is most unusual for a piece of legislation not to have a definition of a key term within it. That should be recognised by the Committee, although, in fairness to the Government, I understand that this matter arose from an amendment moved by the Opposition in the House of Representatives; so I suppose that lets the Government off somewhat. It is a little unfair for us, as a House of review, to be considering legislation coming up from the House of Representatives but not having a key term such as 'a recognised political party' defined in the legislation.

I might add that what I was talking about when I said that if I were to announce that I was the leader of a registered political party was that that would set in train certain events. Those events are not associated with this Bill. Those events are associated, of course, with entitlements under the Remuneration Tribunal's decision. I mentioned that I had specifically refrained from mentioning that fact so that the consequences of that announcement would not flow. I make that perfectly clear to the Committee at this stage.