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Wednesday, 6 June 1984
Page: 2675

Senator GARETH EVANS (Attorney-General)(8.38) —That was the finest rhetorical flourish we have heard from the shadow Attorney-General all day. It is a pity this debate is on its last legs. There is some force in what he says. I certainly would regard this as one of the provisions that needs to be kept under very close review with the experience of the National Crime Authority as it develops. Perhaps the criticism overemphasises the significance of the interview as a crucial part of the investigative process. The way in which the Authority will operate is essentially by indirect means. All the evidence suggests that it will go chasing the paper trail, as the cliche now has it, rather than operate by direct, head-on confrontationist interviews. To that extent I do not think it will have quite the same negative impact that Senator Durack envisages. To the extent that any problems do show up in this area, I certainly undertake to watch very closely how this area operates and to bring in amending legislation as necessary should it prove to be so.

Amendment negatived.

The CHAIRMAN —Senator Macklin, do you still wish to move your amendment No. (5) or do you wish to yield to the Attorney-General?

Senator Macklin —I do not intend to move that amendment. We will support the amendments moved by the Attorney-General.