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Wednesday, 6 June 1984
Page: 2640

Senator DURACK(4.07) —I am interested in what the Attorney said in answer to my question about the type of person he is looking for. From the way in which he indicated the variety of expertise that would be required on this Authority, he went clearly beyond three people. I do not think all those various expert requirements that he mentioned can be accommodated within three people. His answer gave only further force to my argument. I add incidentally that I, too, do not want to be thought to be opposed to any officials. If the Attorney were minded to appoint his present senior adviser on this matter, of course I would not object. It is the process of osmosis through the State Ministers and officials with which I have concern. I want to make that quite clear. There is no doubt that in the State system there are officials with great experience who would be very well qualified to be on this Authority.

But while we are talking about this particular question I wish to raise something that perhaps I should have raised in an earlier part of the debate. However I think it is equally important on the questions that we are now considering. I wonder whether the Attorney can indicate to us who will be the Minister concerned. We are all rather assuming that it will be the Attorney- General but that is not necessarily to be assumed. I would like to know if the Government has decided whether the Attorney-General will be the Minister to administer this, or whether it will be Special Minister of State, or indeed some other Minister.