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Wednesday, 6 June 1984
Page: 2607
  The Committee divided.

In Division

Senator Gareth Evans-Mr Chairman, could I just take a point of order?

The CHAIRMAN-The Attorney cannot stand. However, I can rule on the point of order which he wants to make. The Australian Democrats cannot move from their seats during a division. The Attorney has other procedures open to him. However, they cannot move during a division.

Senator Gareth Evans-It is a genuine mistake.

The CHAIRMAN-You can seek leave to call off the division and you can move to recommit the question before the Chair. However, you would require leave to do that.

Senator Gareth Evans-I seek leave to call off the division and recommit the motion on the basis that there has been a misunderstanding as to which proposition has been put.

The CHAIRMAN-Is leave granted? There being no objection, leave is granted. I will call the division again.

Senator Chipp-I apologise deeply to the Committee. I was engaged in conversations about several matters with Senator Durack and my colleagues. It was my mistake entirely. I apologise to the Committee.

Question put.

The Committee divided.

(The Chairman-Senator D. J. Hamer)

Ayes . . . . . . . . . . .23
Noes . . . . . . . . . . .30
Majority . . . . . . . . .7

Archer, B. R. Lewis, A. W. R.
Bjelke-Petersen, F. I. MacGibbon, D. J.
Garrick, Sir JohnMartin, K. J.
Collard, S. J. Messner, A. J.
Grichton-Browne, N. A. Reid, M. E. (Teller)
Durack, P. D. Scott, D. B.
Guilfoyle, Dame MargaretTeague, B. C.
Hamer, D. J. Townley, M.
Hill, R. Walters, M. S.
Jessop, D. S. Watson, J. O. W.
Kilgariff, B. F. Withers, R. G.
Lajovic, M. E.
Bolkus, N. Hearn, J. M.
Childs, B. K. Jones, G. N.
Chipp, D. L. McClelland, Douglas
Coates, J. McIntosh, G. D.
Coleman, R. N. Macklin, M. J.
Colston, M. A. Maquire, G. R.
Cook, P. F. S. Mason, C. V. J.
Crowley, R. A. Primmer, C. G.
Elstob, R. C. Ray, Robert
Evans, GarethReynolds, M.
Evans, JackRobertson, E. A. (Teller)
Georges, G. Ryan, S. M.
Gietzelt, A. T. Sibraa, K. W.
Giles, P. J. Walsh, P. A.
Harradine, B. Zakharov, A. O.
Foreman, D. J. Rae, Peter
Button, J. N. Missen, A. J.
Grimes, D. J. Boswell, R. L. D.
Richardson, G. R. Baume, Peter
Tate, M. C. Chaney, F. M.

Question so resolved in the negative.