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Tuesday, 5 June 1984
Page: 2536

Senator CHIPP (Leader of the Australian Democrats)(8.23) —by leave-For reasons I have already given, I formally move Australian Democrats' amendments Nos (1), (1A) and (2), already circulated, which read as follows:

(1) Definition of 'relevant offence', paragraph (d), leave out all words after 'violence', insert 'bribery or corruption of, or by, an officer of the Commonwealth, an officer of a State or an officer of a Territory, bankruptcy and company violations, harbouring of criminals, forging of passports, armament dealings or illegal exportation or importation of fauna into or out of Australia , or that involves matters of the same general nature as one or more of the foregoing, or that is of any other prescribed kind,but-'. (1A) Definition of ' relevant offence', paragraph (e), leave out the paragraph, insert the following paragraph:

'(e) does not include an offence committed in the course of a genuine dispute as to matters pertaining to the relations of employees and employers by a party to the dispute, unless the offence is committed in connection with, or as part of, a course of activity involving the commission of a relevant offence other than an offence so committed.'.

(2) Definition of 'relevant offence', paragraph (g), leave out all words after '3 years' (first occurring).

I also foreshadow the moving of Democrats' amendment No. (3).

Senator Gareth Evans —With respect, Mr Chairman, clause 4 is inextricably linked to Democrat amendment No. (3) and I think it would aid debate if they were moved together by leave.

The CHAIRMAN —I have to put the motion separately because the actual motion before the Chair does not cover amendment (3), but they could be discussed together by leave.