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Tuesday, 5 June 1984
Page: 2531

Senator GARETH EVANS (Attorney-General)(6.15) —I move:

Page 3, clause 4, sub-clause (1), lines 27 to 40, leave out the definition of ' relevant offence', insert the following definition:

' ''relevant offence'' means an offence- (a) that involves 2 or more offenders and substantial planning and organisation;

(b) that involves, or is of a kind that ordinarily involves, the use of sophisticated methods and techniques;

(c) that is committed, or is of a kind that is ordinarily committed, in conjunction with other offences of a like kind; and

(d) that involves theft, fraud, tax evasion, currency violations, illegal drug dealings, illegal gambling, obtaining financial benefit by vice engaged in by others, extortion, violence or bribery or curruption of, or by, an officer of the Commonwealth, an officer of a State or an officer of a Territory or that involves matters of the same general nature as one or more of the foregoing,but- (e) does not include an offence that arises out of a genuine dispute as to matters pertaining to the relations of employers or employees;

(f) does not include an offence the time for the commencement of a prosecution for which has expired; and

(g) does not include an offence that is not punishable by imprisonment or is punishable by imprisonment for a period of less than 3 years, unless the offence is committed in connection with, or as part of, a course of activity involving the commission of an offence or offences punishable by imprisonment by life or for not less than 3 years;'.

This amendment is largely a replica of the provision as it appears in the original National Crime Authority Bill but notably with an amendment to sub- clause (g). I understand this will be the subject of various amendments, some of which are acceptable and some of which, although groaning, the Government can live with. I think it is perhaps better if I wait until those amendments are moved before indicating the nature of the Government's attitude to this clause.