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Monday, 4 June 1984
Page: 2440

Senator GIETZELT (Minister for Veterans' Affairs)(5.29) —Mr Chairman, the only advice I can give to the Committee at this stage is contained in a letter from the Minister for Aviation, the Hon. Kim Beazley, saying:

Some delays have been experienced in my Department in assembling all the information sought by the members of Senate Estimates Committee 'F'. Consequently a response is yet to be provided.

However, preparation of the answers is at an advanced stage and it is expected that a response will be provided during the course of this week.

It has to be appreciated that a considerable amount of information was required and the Department is working under some pressure to provide the sorts of responses that will satisfy the needs and wishes of members of the Committee. That is not always as easy as it might appear. Consequently, we are in the invidious position of not being able to give the detailed answers that have been requested by the Committee.

It is not the desire of the Minister, the Government or the Committee to fail to respond. But we are not in a position at 4 June to be able to provide the essential answers to some of the questions that have been raised.