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Monday, 4 June 1984
Page: 2430

Senator WALTERS(4.23) —I think the confusion has arisen because I did not get the answer. I am not a member of that Committee, as the Attorney knows. He may well have circulated it to the Committee Chairman, but the Committee Chairman did not circulate it to me, so I have not yet received that answer, but he has now given it to me.

Senator Gareth Evans —I tried to read the thing out and you said you did not want it. You said you already had it.

Senator WALTERS —I was referring to the answer I got at the time of the Estimates. I thought that that was what the Attorney was referring to.

Senator Gareth Evans —From the moment I stood up I was trying to read into the record the further answer that has been circulated to the Committee, and which does meet Senator Walters's point. I do not want to waste any further time by reading it now if Senator Walters is happy to look at the document when it is circulated to her now, which I undertake to do.

Senator WALTERS —Can the Minister tell me why the one per cent levy is not shown separately on the pay slip, as indicated by the Minister for Health (Dr Blewett) at the time of his second reading speech, when he said that it would be itemised separately.