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Monday, 4 June 1984
Page: 2426

Senator DURACK(3.59) —After about four bites at the cherry to try to find out what the situation was with regard to this matter the statement that the Attorney-General (Senator Gareth Evans) has just read, or should I say gabbled at great speed, seems to have the potential of answering most of the questions, but I have not been able to absorb it from the way in which and the time in which he read it. I think it might be helpful if we postpone the consideration of this item of the Estimates-we still have another section to deal with-so that I can have a look at the statement now. I wanted to ask further questions and make some comment. In the light of this statement it may well be that most of the questions I still have to ask-even, as I said, after about four bites of the cherry-will have been answered. I suggest that the Attorney-General postpone the consideration of this Department.