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Friday, 1 June 1984
Page: 2385

Senator GARETH EVANS (Attorney-General)(3.33) —As to the situation relating to Dr Griffith, the Solicitor-General, there were discussions before his appointment was formalised about his location in the job. It may well be that there was some degree of misunderstanding between us in relation to the force with which I pursued the proposition that the position ought to be Canberra based but that is in the process of being amicably resolved, as indeed it has been amicably discussed over the whole period since Dr Griffith's appointment as well as the prior approach to him. The arrangement is one whereby Dr Griffith's remuneration is fixed by the Remuneration Tribunal and we are awaiting final determination from the Tribunal as to what that rate should be. The conditions enjoyed are, again, essentially those applicable to a First Division officer of the Public Service.

There is an outstanding question about whether or not the position should attract to it something in the nature of a Canberra allowance, in particular to compensate for the deprivation that is involved in accepting a limited term appointment in Canberra while maintaining a household, or at least a house, in Melbourne in order to create the possibility for return to the Bar at the expiration of that appointment. I understand that will be dealt with by Cabinet in the next week or two so I am unable to advise Senator Durack further as to the likely outcome of that aspect of the matter.