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Friday, 1 June 1984
Page: 2383

Senator DURACK(3.21) —We really do have an extraordinary situation which, I might say, does not seem to be confined to the appointment of Mr Temby. There are some other matters about recent appointments by the Attorney -General (Senator Gareth Evans) that I propose to raise, where things are just done on some sort of nod and wink basis. It seems that the matter is to continue on that basis. Yet we have here a formal statement from the Deputy Secretary of his Department that negotiations are under way for a more formal arrangement which now, apparently, the Attorney-General tells us, will not be pursued because it is easier, apparently, for all concerned, to have this nod and wink arrangement. I think that is an entirely unsatisfactory arrangement. These things should be the subject of firm rights.

The answers were given by officers of the Department to the Estimates Committee as to what the ordinary arrangements are for public servants or indeed permanent heads who have moved to Canberra, and what their entitlements are. It is quite clear in this case that the entitlements have been stretched in a way to suit Mr Temby's personal situation. What worries me is that, apparently, the arrangements will continue to be stretched for that reason. It is common knowledge that Mr Temby held several public positions in Western Australia at the time he was appointed to this position, apart altogether from his position as President of the Law Council of Australia. I think he was in fact Deputy Mayor of the City of Subiaco. At least he was on that council. He was also on the board of a hospital in Perth. He may have held other positions that I do not know of but I certainly know of those two positions. Perhaps the Attorney could at least tell us whether Mr Temby has given up those positions, whether he proposes to give them up and when he will give them up. He has had commitments at meetings in relation to those bodies and I think it is a very unsatisfactory arrangement for him to continue to sit on those bodies when he obviously has his hands more than full as Director of Public Prosecutions.