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Friday, 1 June 1984
Page: 2379

The PRESIDENT —During consideration of the appropriations last night Senator Martin requested that I examine the delay in the printing of the additional information supplied to Estimates Committee D. Senator Martin commented that whilst the members of the Committee had received copies of the additional information, other senators had not done so. Whilst not criticising the Senate reproduction section, Senator Martin suggested some rescheduling of priorities might be appropriate.

The Usher of the Black Rod has advised me that, as well as its normal work on sitting days, the Estimates committees impose an additional burden on the reproduction section. The 140 pages of committee reports and more than 730 pages of additional information together require 48 man-hours to print and staple. The reproduction section endeavours at all times to provide a speedy service to the Senate and to honourable senators. So far this week, the section has printed 312 reams of paper-or 156,000 pages.

The 281 pages of additional information for Estimates Committee D by itself required 15 1/2 man-hours to print and staple. Together with other urgent work for committees and senators, there has thus been an inevitable delay in meeting printing requirements of Estimates Committee D. Black Rod has assured me that the Estimates committees have been given priority in meeting requests for printing. I am sure all honourable senators appreciate the service provided by the reproduction section.