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Friday, 1 June 1984
Page: 2344

Senator HARRADINE(10.34) — The Minister told the Age that the money would be used to finance a survey which, in part, would have tried to identify how some principals at non-government schools and some Catholic parish priests had co-operated with lobby groups which had spread misinformation about the Government's policy. The Minister said that that survey proposal had been put forward by her Department. In my view that is a gross miscalculation of what a senior public servant should be about. I ask the Minister either to reaffirm or deny that statement in the Age.

Senator Peter Baume —What date is the Age?

Senator HARRADINE —It is the Age of 13 March 1984. If the Minister and the public servant are saying that that is an appropriate exercise of Public Service authority and the integrity of the Public Service then, of course, the Public Service has been politicised. I take the view that the Minister is wrong. However, I intend to find out the position.