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Thursday, 31 May 1984
Page: 2271

Senator HARRADINE(6.12) —I take strong exception to Senator Chipp's remark. He does not have a patent on the desire for peace. I have a very great desire for peace for me, my wife and my family, as do you and other honourable senators. To cast reflection on the integrity of members of this Senate as he has done--

Senator Georges —He was not doing that.

Senator HARRADINE —Senator Georges should read his speech.

Senator Georges —Just on your wisdom.

Senator HARRADINE —No. How he could cast a reflection on the integrity-he used the word 'integrity'-of the members of the Australian Science and Technology Council which carried out the investigation is beyond me. I believe that that undermines the argument that Senator Chipp was putting. It particularly reflects upon the integrity of Professor Ralph Slatyer. I did not hear Senator Chipp casting reflections on the integrity of Professor Slatyer when he was one of the world heritage anti-dammers. It should not be forgotten by the Senate that one of the major reasons why the Franklin Dam did not go ahead was because of the actions of the very same Ralph Slatyer who is now regarded by Senator Chipp as not being a man of integrity.

Debate (on motion by Senator Walsh) adjourned.