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Thursday, 31 May 1984
Page: 2227

Senator CHANEY —I refer the Attorney-General to his answer to Senator MacGibbon yesterday concerning statements made in the Federal Court of Bankruptcy in Sydney last month by Mr James McCarteney Anderson about people alleged to be in partnership with Mr Saffron in the Venus Room Bar and Grill at Kings Cross. I remind the Attorney that he said the allegations were being fully and thoroughly investigated by the appropriate authorities. Who is actually investigating the allegations? Is any investigation being conducted on his behalf? When is the investigation likely to conclude?

Senator GARETH EVANS —After the material came to my notice it was referred to Mr Temby insofar as it was indirectly linked with some aspects of the allegations that had been made in the Age tapes, not because it appeared to be squarely within his terms of reference but because it may conceivably have been. I do not know to what extent Mr Temby has been able to follow up the kinds of allegations that have been made by Mr Anderson. Other matters have been notoriously inaccurate, notoriously scandalous and of such a character that, in the view of law enforcement authorities generally, they have not been such as to be required to be taken seriously. It may be that Mr Temby has taken or will take that attitude to the material. It may be that he will regard it as something which does require some further consideration, but I have not yet heard from him.

Senator CHANEY —Mr President, I ask a supplementary question. I thank the Attorney for that answer and note his reasons for referring to the allegations as scandalous, but I ask him whether he could check the position and in due course let us know the position with respect to the investigations.

Senator GARETH EVANS —I will give the honourable senator such information as I am able to in due course.