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Thursday, 31 May 1984
Page: 2215

Senator GRIMES (Minister for Social Security)(11.50) —The answer given to the Committee pointed out that there was a national conference of Social Security Appeals Tribunal members held in Brisbane, and the purpose of that was outlined. It was pointed out that, in addition, a wide range of matters were discussed at the conference, and a copy of the proceedings and all the matters discussed was included. I gather that is not what Senator Walters was seeking. Is that the problem?

Senator Walters —I just want information on the additional seminars which have come up through investigation.

Senator GRIMES —The question on page 17-I think that this is where the difficulty lies-referred to the Social Security Appeals Tribunal and the seminars it held. We were dealing specifically with that item. Senator Walters asked for information of any other seminars that have not sprung to mind. Later she said:

Could you give me a list of the officers who attended these seminars?

That is the information that has been given. The matter referred to was the seminars of the Social Security Appeals Tribunal. Mr Skehill had made reference to Mr Justice Davies, the President of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, appearing at those seminars. If one reads the Hansard, one sees that we were talking about the Social Security Appeals Tribunal seminars. If the honourable senator wants a list of all seminars that were held outside that area I dare say that could be obtained, but at that time we were dealing with the Social Security Appeals Tribunal seminars, and that is why the answer was given in that way.