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Thursday, 31 May 1984
Page: 2211

Senator CHANEY (Leader of the Opposition)(11.15) —That is on page 35. That is the figure which is detailed in the material to be incorporated in Hansard. I thank the Minister for that. Although I do not ask him to do it now, I ask him to ask the Department to relate that to the information subsequently provided to the Committee, which appears on page 60, and which refers to the figure of $2,543,595. There is a notation that that is up to 8 May . It may be that the remaining half a million dollars or so will be spent in the balance of the financial year.

Senator Button —For the record, I confirm that that is correct.

Senator CHANEY —I thank the Minister.

The TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN (Senator Lewis) —Before we continue, there is a question of leave being granted for the incorporation of a document in Hansard.

Leave granted.

The document read as follows-

The Department's appropriation for Furniture and Fittings items for 1983/84 was to provide for:

continued implementation of the Job Bank computer system

$1,373,000 furniture in the CES network

- replacement furniture

150,000 - new offices

797,000 - civil acquisitions programme

30,000 relocation of Regional offices in NSW, Qld and SA

205,000 expansion of the ACT Sub Region

34,000 recently created Branches (Community Employment Programme) and replacement programme


Senator CHANEY —The point that I wish to make is about what appears to me to be the quite disparate standards applied to the two departments, that is, the Department of Social Security and the Department of Employment and Industrial Relations. I would appreciate it if the Minister could tell me whether any external authority examines the sort of expenditure which has been detailed by the Minister in the list incorporated in Hansard, which ought to produce some uniformity across Commonwealth departments.