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Wednesday, 22 August 2012
Page: 6182

Employment and Workplace Relations

(Question No. 1915)

Senator Abetz asked the Minister representing the Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations, upon notice, on 25 June 2012:

With reference to the appointment of Mr Bernie Riordan to Fair Work Australia (FWA):

(1) With whom did the Minister or the Minister's office discuss the issue of the civil case outstanding against Mr Riordan.

(2) When was the Minister made aware that the case had settled.

(3) Was there any delay on the announcement of the appointments to FWA as a result of the outstanding case.

Senator Ludwig: The Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations has provided the following answer to the honourable senator's question:

(1) The Minister's Office discussed the case with Mr Riordan.

(2) The Minister's Office was made aware on 22 February 2012 that an application for the case to be discontinued was to be filed by the applicant on 23 February 2012.

(3) The appointment of Mr Riordan, and also the president and a number of other members of Fair Work Australia, were announced on the day they were made, 24 February 2012.