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Wednesday, 22 August 2012
Page: 6179


The following documents were tabled by the Clerk:

[Legislative instruments are identified by a Federal Register of Legislative Instruments (FRLI) number. An explanatory statement is tabled with an instrument unless otherwise indicated by an asterisk.]

Broadcasting Services Act—Commercial Television Conversion Scheme 1999—Broadcasting Services (Simulcast Period End Date - Remote Licence Areas) Determinations 2012 [F2012L01725].

Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act—Amendment of list of exempt native specimens—EPBC303DC/SFS/2012/45 [F2012L01717].

Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act—Instrument No. M11/2012—MRCA Treatment Principles (In-Home Telemonitoring for Veterans Initiative) Instrument 2012 [F2012L01729].

National Health Act—

National Health (Efficient Funding of Chemotherapy) Special Arrangement Amendment Instrument 2012 (No. 7) [F2012L01730].

National Health (Listed drugs on F1 or F2) Amendment Determination 2012 (No. 6) [F2012L01716].

Private Health Insurance Act—Private Health Insurance (Prostheses) Rules 2012 (No. 2) [F2012L01722].

Radiocommunications Act—

Radiocommunications (118MHz to 137MHz Amplitude Modulated Equipment - Aeronautical Radio Service) Standard 2012 [F2012L01728].

Radiocommunications Advisory Guidelines (Registration of Devices under Spectrum Licences without an Interference Impact Certificate) Revocation Instrument 2012 [ F2012L01720].

Radiocommunications (Aircraft and Aeronautical Mobile Stations) Class Licence Variation 2012 (No. 1) [F2012L01723].

Radiocommunications Devices (Compliance Labelling) Amendment Notice 2012 (No. 1) [F2012L01724].

Radiocommunications (Spectrum Licence Tax) Amendment Determination 2012 (No. 1) [F2012L01721].

Radiocommunications (subsection 145 (3) Certificates) Determination 2012 [F2012L01719].

Radiocommunications (Trading Rules for Spectrum Licences) Determination 2012 [F2012L01718].

Telecommunications (Numbering Charges) Act—Telecommunications (Numbering Charges - Delegated Services) Amendment Determination 2012 [F2012L01726].

Veterans’ Entitlements Act—Instrument No. R10/2012—Veterans’ Entitlements (Treatment Principles - In-Home Telemonitoring for Veterans Initiative) Instrument 2012 [F2012L01727].